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Tuition Cost: $2160

2 nights a week, 3 hours per night for 1 year, text books included. 4 electives available on Sunday evenings throughout the school year. Equivalent to 15 college credit-hours.


Per class price: $180 (classes are 6 weeks long) Discounts are available for paying in full on Registration Day (15%), and for husbands and wives (20%). Please contact the FLSOM office for more information on this and other school policies.

Graduation Policy

After completing all Faith Life School of Ministry courses, those students who have earned a minimum of 15 credit-hoursand whose financial accounts are satisfactory will receive a DIPLOMA IN MINISTERIAL TRAINING.

Example Schedule

Attending two nights (6 hours) a week, a FLSOM student can earn 15 college credit-hours in one year. An average AssociatesDegree requires approximately 60 credit-hours. FLSOM follows the Carnegie Standard for course hours and earned credits. Because of the quality of content and teaching, FLSOM credits at times have been accepted at accredited schools. All students will be provided a transcript as needed. For information on our position on accreditation, see the previous page,contact FLSOM staff, or visit our website.

Flexible Courses

Core classes and elective classes are available on an individual basis and can be taken without being a full-time student at FLSOM. You will receive a certificate of completion when the requirements and tuition fees are fulfilled. After completing all required course work for a diploma, you may then graduate with the current year class.

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